GYT Step by Step Guide to Planning an Event

Get Everyone to GYT! Organize a GYT event to get students, peers, and community members to get tested at your health center or clinic.

STEP ONE: Rally the Troops

Identify a core group of staff and volunteers to help you organize the event.

  • Get young people involved. Reach out to peer health educators, leaders at local colleges and universities, and youth groups in your area to form a youth leadership committee.
  • Contact your local health department for support and supplies. You can get their contact information from the Directory of State, Tribal and Federal STD Programs. For more tips, check out Partnering with Your Local/State Health Department.
  • Partner with local organizations, foundations, and media to fund and promote your event.

STEP TWO: Plan an Event

Select a date for the event that works for all of your partners.

  • Talk to local businesses about donating prizes, food, or drinks for free testing. Incentives are always helpful.
  • Consider working with local artists or bands to provide entertainment to make the event fun.
  • Print posters and flyers with details about your event.
  • Make informational handouts on STDs and testing available at the event.

STEP THREE: Promote the Event

  • Hang posters and flyers around your health center, community, school clinic and other parts of campus.
  • Create and wear GYT buttons and stickers and hand them out, along with flyers about the event.
  • Use the GYT Talking Tips to write a piece about your event for your community or school newspaper and websites popular in your community.
  • Share the GYT Talking Tips with your partners, local radio stations, papers and magazines.
  • Promote the event on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites with #GYTNOW. You can even create a GYT Facebook Event.