Resources for Serving Adolescent Patients

Doctor talking to a young woman.

CDC’s Guide to Taking a Sexual History
Understanding a patient's sexual history gives providers the opportunity to provide risk-reduction counseling and share information about behaviors that may place patients at risk of contracting STDs. This guide offers healthcare professionals discussion points and questions to ask patients to get a more complete picture of their sexual health. The pocket guide can also be ordered online.

Preteen and Teen Vaccine Information For Health Care Professionals/Providers
CDC-developed resources to assist clinicians in talking with young patients and their parents about vaccines.

Why Screen for Chlamydia? An Implementation Guide for Healthcare Providers
Materials developed by the National Chlamydia Coalition provides youth-serving health care providers with information to improve delivery of chlamydia screening, including teen-friendly office tips and information on adolescent confidentiality.

Teen Friendly Office Tips
These office practices and suggestions can be adapted to any outpatient medical setting. Choose the ones that work in your office.

Minors' Access to STI Services
Report from the Guttmacher Institute on state laws pertaining to minors' access to STD services.

Adolescent Reproductive and Sexual Health Education Program (ARSHEP)
A project of Physicians for Reproductive Health, ARSHEP provides an evidence-based adolescent sexual health curriculum for clinicians.