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Creating Content in the Community

Submitted by Debra Daugherty on Thu, 01/21/2021 - 19:15

Tips for Creating Content in the Community

Creating content in the Community is an excellent way to engage with other members, share information and resources, and make connections for future collaboration. It is important that your posts are meaningful and foster engagement so that posted content is beneficial not only to you, but also to others in the Community.

Please keep these helpful tips in mind when you post content in the Community:

  • When you create content, use clear and concise language so others who may not be in your field can understand your content.
  • Upload images, files, and links when available so others can get more information if they need or want to.
  • Make sure your post titles and file names are short and specific to your content.
  • Ask questions or prompt discussion, if applicable, so others can discuss the content and have the opportunity to ask questions. This is a great way for you to receive feedback, answer questions, and engage with other Community members who may be future collaborators.
  • Refer to the Community Terms of Use to make sure that the content you are sharing is appropriate and adheres to Community policies. This includes making sure the post is 508 compliant.

When creating content to share within the Community, use this table to ensure your post is fulfilling your goals and what you hope to achieve in terms of your interaction and collaboration with other NPIN Community members.


Activity Goal

Need from Community Members

NPIN Community Feature

Problem Solving

“Can we work on this design and brainstorm some ideas? I’m stuck”

Start a Conversation

Sharing Data or Documents

“I need to share this information with my grantees quickly and receive feedback from them”

Share a Resource/File

Discussion Developments

“What does everyone think of this new article on HIV testing guidelines? Do you think it will help?”

Start a Conversation

Announce an upcoming conference or webinar

“I want to share this interesting webinar on Hepatitis C treatment with professionals across the nation”

Create an Event

Group Surveys

“How long has each member worked in their respective field?”

Start a Poll*

Group Project

“Can we compile a list of the most recent resources developed by your organization”

Collaborative Document

*Please note that only group organizers can create a poll within a group. If you would like to create on, you should contact your group organizer and he/she can help you set it up.


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