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9. Start a Collaborative Document

Submitted by Debra Daugherty on Mon, 01/25/2021 - 12:28

Start a Collaborative Document

Another way to create content within your group(s) is by setting up a Collaborative Document. Community members can create a document that other members can edit, add citations, attach files, change dates, and make other changes toward a final document that represents the group. Collaborative Documents are good for creating project reports or policy statements, for example, allowing each team to contribute their input .

  1. Click Start a Collaborative Document from any page within the NPIN Community.
  2. Like other posts, there are required fields to complete.  In this case, however, other members of your group can edit the post at any time.   

After creating a Collaborative Document, it will look like the post below. Other members who are in the group the collaborative document was created in can:

  1. View- users can view the Collaborative Document as seen below
  2. Edit- fellow members have access to the Collaborative Document” form. Users can then make changes and add/delete text and hit save at the bottom of the page (similar to when any other Community post is created or edited)
  3. Revisions- this feature is unique to Collaborative Documents and allows for users to track and compare edits made to the Collaborative Document. The time, date, and name of the individual who made each change is visible Group Organizers can help members revert Collaborative documents to a previous version if making new edits proves cumbersome.


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