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Know More Hepatitis Campaign Resources for Veterans

Know More Hepatitis

The “baby boomer” generation, or people born from 1945 – 1965, is disproportionally impacted by Hepatitis C infection. For reasons not completely understood, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates baby boomers are 5 times more likely to be infected and nearly 75% of adults infected with Hepatitis C were born from 1945 – 1965.

Similarly, veterans born during this time frame are also disproportionately affected by Hepatitis C. While the exact prevalence of Hepatitis C among veterans is unknown, the CDC recommends one-time Hepatitis C screening for all persons born during 1945-1965 to help reduce Hepatitis C-related morbidity and mortality.

These continued trends contribute to the reason the VA treats more HCV than any other healthcare organization in the country.

CDC Know More Hepatitis Campaign
The recent recognition of Veteran’s Day is a timely reminder to consider how to best cater Hepatitis services to veterans in a meaningful way. The CDC’s Know More Hepatitis campaign – designed to promote HCV testing among the baby boomer generation – has developed campaign materials such as fact sheets, posters, infographics, radio ads, and scripts, to support partners with their prevention efforts.

Hepatitis C Resources

Many people living with chronic hepatitis C do not know it. CDC encourages partners to use these campaign resources to help raise awareness among the baby boomer populations you work with to know more about hepatitis and get tested. Visit the Know More Hepatitis site and learn more about this important resource.