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10 Preguntas Sobre el Embarazo y el VIH[10 Questions About Pregnancy and HIV]

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This pamphlet provides information for pregnant women in the form of responses to 10 questions about HIV. It discusses whether a pregnant woman needs to be tested for HIV and why, how the disease is transmitted from mother to baby, what can be done for a pregnant woman with HIV infection and for the baby, when should a pregnant woman begin prenatal care and the benefits of prenatal care, whether the pregnant woman should be tested for other STDs, how to prevent HIV, and what else a woman can do to stay healthy. The pamphlet also gives contact information for public health agencies.
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Division of Prevention and Preparedness Services, Infectious Disease Control Unit, Texas Department of State Health Services
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10 Questions About Pregnancy and HIV
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1 sheet folded (6 p.): col.

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