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March 2022

Keeping Testing Flexible & Accessible During a Pandemic

The goal of GetTested is to help people find fast, free, and convenient testing for HIV and STDs. During the COVID-19 pandemic, offering flexible testing options was critical because CDC recommends that everyone between the ages of 13 and 64 get tested for HIV at least once as part of routine health care. For those at higher risk, CDC recommends getting tested at least once a year. 

With stay-at-home orders and many people choosing to limit contact with the public, HIV testing rates dropped significantly.1,2 To tackle this challenge, states and communities began to roll out and promote mail-only self-testing options for HIV and STDs in the hope of raising testing rates.3,4 GetTested needed to adjust in response. 

In June 2021, new features were added to the tool that made it easier than ever to search for a COVID-safe way to get tested. In addition to STD testing and vaccine services, users can now filter for organizations that offer mail-only HIV self-testing. Another new feature lets users filter by distance from their location so it’s easier to plan for or avoid public transportation if they want to. As always, they can choose to see only free/low-cost options.

It’s too early to know whether offering more mail-in tests helped improve HIV or other STD testing rates after the start of the pandemic, and whether these changes will shape the landscape of testing moving forward. If your organization offers any of these services, let NPIN know so you can reach people in your area. If you want to encourage testing and vaccination but don’t offer services, consider putting an HIV or STD test search widget on your website.

1. Moitra E et al. Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on HIV testing rates across four geographically diverse urban centres in the United States: an observational study. The Lancet Reg Hlth – Americas, 2022. 7(100159).

2. Melville N. HIV Testing Dips During Pandemic Raise Transmission Concerns. Medscape Medical News, Dec. 2021.

3. Fistonich G et al. A Pilot of Mail-Out HIV and Sexually Transmitted Infection Testing in Washington, District of Columbia During the COVID-19 Pandemic. Am J Prevent Med 2021, 61(5),S1:S16-S25.

4. Melendez JH et al. Home-Based Testing for Sexually Transmitted Infections: Leveraging Online Resources During the COVID-19 Pandemic. Sexually Transmitted Dis 2021, 48(1):e8-e10.

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