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Strengthening the Capacity of Faith-based organizations (FBOs) and Faith-Based Health Systems to Sustain the Role of FBOs in a Coordinated Response to HIV/AIDS

Grant Amounts: Approximate Total Fiscal Year Funding - $2,000,000.00. The objectives of this funding opportunity announcement are as follows: (1) To conduct assessments of faith-based health systems and networks to strengthen sustainable, evidence-based HIV prevention, treatment, care and support services; (2) To cross-train and provide technical assistance (TA) to public health, civil society, and faith-based organizations on interdisciplinary approaches to HIV prevention, treatment and support; and (3) To develop platforms for faith-based leaders to advocate for equitable policies that make HIV services accessible to communities and individuals disproportionately impacted by HIV, Including vulnerable and hard-to-reach populations. By the end of the project period, the awardee is expected to achieve the following key outcomes: (1) Expanded engagement of faith-based organizations and health systems networks as providers of HIV services; (2) Increased participation of faith-based organizations and networks in public dialogue, HIV/AIDS committees, councils, platform and agenda development at national, regional, and local levels; (3) Increased capacity of faith-based organizations and health-service networks to improve HIV service delivery in support of increased country capacity and ownership; and (4) Increased capacity for multi-sector collaborations that aligns clinical and community-based resources to support retention in care for people with HIV.
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1 award

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Award Amount Notes
Approximate Total Fiscal Year Funding: $2,000,000.00.
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Application Contact
Tech Information Mgmt Section
CDC Procurement & Grants Office
2920 Brandywine Road, MS E-14
United States
(770) 488-2700
(770) 488-2700
Technical Contact
Project Officer
1600 Clifton Rd., NE
MS E-41
United States
(404) 639-6137
(404) 639-6137
Fund Duration
5 years
Application Process
Applicants must download the SF-424 application package associated with this funding opportunity from If Internet access is not available, or if the online forms cannot be accessed, applicants may call the CDC PGO staff at 770-488-2700 or e-mail PGO for assistance. Persons with hearing loss may access CDC telecommunications at TTY 1-888-32-6348.

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