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NYNEX Foundation: General Grant Announcement.

The NYNEX Foundation supports projects in four categories: education, health and human services, arts and culture, and civic and community. Under health and human services, NYNEX gives to United Way, provides program support via technology to hospitals, and funds programs for youth agencies and AIDS and community service organizations. NYNEX is a founding member of the New England Consortium for AIDS Education and provides funding for nearly 25 agencies that offer economic and emotional support for those infected with HIV/AIDS and their families. Recent grant recipients include: the National Association of People With AIDS (NAPWA) to create a national, network-based computer system for people infected or affected by HIV; the Momentum Project of New York City, to provide food services to people with AIDS; Herbert G. Birch Services, to provide support programs and housing for children with AIDS; and AIDS Community Services of Western New York, to provide case management, support groups, short-term counseling, and limited financial assistance for people infected with HIV/AIDS and their families.
Funding Category
Fund Location Notes
Source: Organization's WWW site <>, 7/21/97, DE. Archived: NYNEX merged with Bell Atlantic with result of new foundation, Bell Atlantic Foundation, "Chronicle of Philanthropy", 10/16/97, DME.
Application Due Date
Application Contact
1095 Avenue of the Americas, 32n
New York
United States
(800) 360-7955
(800) 360-7955
Fund Duration
Duration not specified.
Application Process
Health grants are considered from Oct. 1 to Dec. 20.

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