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NCHHSTP Epidemiologic and Economic Modeling for HIV, Viral Hepatitis, STD, and TB

This notice of funding opportunity announcement will support modeling of disease dynamics and advanced data analytics to inform and improve HIV, viral hepatitis, STD, TB, and adolescent health interventions and programs. Epidemiologic and economic models have long been a part of NCHHSTP’s emphasis on data use for program improvement. Over the past 10 years, the Center has harnessed extramural collaborations to strengthen the use of data for understanding the efficiency, outcomes, impact, and cost-effectiveness of programs, policies, and activities. Prior modeling efforts by NCHHSTP and collaborators has provided insights into the development of guidelines, program strategy, needs assessment, and informed piloting, implementation and scale-up of programs. This announcement will build on the success of prior modeling efforts by continuing to enhance existing models that guide informed decision-making, provide tools and data for prioritizing public interventions and programs, and to guide the allocation of scarce program resources. The cooperative agreement will also expand the use of advanced data analytics using predictive models, machine learning and artificial intelligence, as well as allow for the development and implementation of research based on these modeling and advanced data analytic projects in alignment with NCHHSTP-related public health priorities. Scientifically valid models can help CDC to fulfill its mission of supporting federal, state, and local partners and increase the prevention effectiveness of public health interventions. This mechanism allows NCHHSTP to strengthen its capacity to conduct scientifically valid models of public health interventions and programs for HIV, viral hepatitis, STD, TB, and adolescent health.

Funding Organization:
The US Department of Health and Human Services Centers for Disease Control - NCHHSTP
Funding Category:
Viral Hepatitis
Support Types:
Cooperative Agreements
Eligible Organizations:
Number of Awards Given:
2 Awards
Minimum Amount:
Maximum Amount:
Award Amount:
$ 10,000,000
Fund ID:
Application Due Date:
Data Analysis
Health Care Planning
Health Care Programs/Services
Hepatitis Prevention
HIV and AIDS Prevention
Sexually Transmitted Diseases/Infections
STD/STI Prevention
TB Prevention
Technical Assistance
At Risk Persons
Community Based Organizations
Health Professionals
Health Services Organizations
Persons with Hepatitis
Persons with HIV/AIDS
Persons with STD/STI
Persons with TB
Application Contact
Grant Contact