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AIDS Education and Training Center National Clinician Consultation Center

The purpose of this announcement is to solicit applications for the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), HIV/AIDS Bureau (HAB), AIDS Education and Training Center National Clinician Consultation Center (AETC NCCC), a component of the HRSA AIDS Education and Training Center (AETC) Program. The purpose of the AETC NCCC is to supply health care providers with a national resource to obtain timely and appropriate responses to clinical questions relating to: 1) the treatment of people living with HIV (PLWH) and those at high risk for HIV infection; 2) health care worker exposure to HIV and other blood borne pathogens (e.g., viral hepatitis); 3) the treatment of pregnant women living with HIV, and their exposed infants, and a perinatal referral service to connect them with HIV-experienced care providers; and 4) PLWH with behavioral health and/or substance abuse issues. The efforts of the AETC NCCC will enhance the capacity of the regional AETCs to provide educational consultation to health care providers. With the FY 2015 recompeted AETC regional program, the regional AETCs have a greater focus on providing education, training, and capacity development to clinical providers who are not HIV experts. With this shift, the NCCC, through the work it does, will have a greater role in providing support for Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program (RWHAP) funded HIV expert or highly experience providers. The consultation service provided by the AETC NCCC is not intended to replace sub-specialty consultation but rather to provide information and advice to providers managing PLWH. This FOA will support one (1) National Clinical Consultation Center tasked with serving all 50 states in the United States, the District of Columbia, the U. S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and the six U.S. affiliated Pacific Jurisdictions (Guam, American Samoa, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, the Federated States of Micronesia, the Republic of the Marshall Islands, and the Republic of Palau).
Funding Category
Eligible Organizations
Number of Awards Given

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Award Amount Notes
This program will provide funding during federal fiscal years 2016 – 2019. Approximately $1,500,000 is expected to be available annually to fund up to one (1) recipient. Applicants may apply for a ceiling amount of up to $1,500,000 per year. The actual amount available will not be determined until enactment of the final FY 2016 Federal budget. This program announcement is subject to the appropriation of funds, and is a contingency action taken to ensure that, should funds become available for this purpose, applications can be processed, and funds can be awarded in a timely manner. The project period is four (4) years. Funding beyond the first year is dependent on the availability of appropriated funds for AETC NCCC in subsequent fiscal years, satisfactory recipient performance, and a decision that continued funding is in the best interest of the Federal Government.
Application Due Date
Technical Contact
United States
(301) 443-7662
(301) 443-7662
Fund Duration
4 years
Application Process
HRSA requires applicants for this FOA to apply electronically through Applicants must download the SF-424 application package associated with this FOA following the directions provided at

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