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Advancing HIV Therapeutic Vaccine Science (U01)

This Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) solicits applications that will advance understanding of vaccine regimens and immune responses that sustainably suppress viral loads in HIV-infected individuals. Applications should propose small, multi-arm, comparative clinical trials designed to identify correlations between levels of induced immune response and HIV virologic control. Vaccines may be combined with adjuvants and/or other modifiers of the immune response to HIV.
Funding Category
Number of Awards Given

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Award Amount Notes
NIAID intends to commit $3.6M in FY 2017 to fund 2-3 awards.
This FOA does not require cost sharing as defined in the NIH Grants Policy Statement.
Application Due Date
Application Contact
Smiley, Ph.D.
United States
(240) 627-3071
(240) 627-3071
Technical Contact
United States
(240) 435-0714
(240) 435-0714
Fund Duration
5 years
Application Process
Applicants must obtain the SF424 (R&R) application package associated with this funding opportunity using the "Apply for Grant Electronically" button in the FOA or following the directions provided at

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