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2012 HIV Sourcebook for the Primary Care Provider

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This monograph is a sourcebook that provides information about HIV infection for professionals who work in today’s health care system. It is meant be a convenient reference for some of the most common issues encountered in daily practice. It contains an outline of basic HIV patient care, and a list of resources that can be accessed locally. It presents guidelines and recommendations related to antiretroviral therapy (ART), treatment of opportunistic diseases, HIV testing and counseling, prevention of perinatal transmission, and post-exposure prophylaxis.

Recommendations for Use of Antiretroviral Drugs in Pregnant HIV-1-Infected Women for Maternal Health and Interventions to Reduce Perinatal HIV Transmission in the United States

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These guidelines present health care providers with information for discussion with HIV-infected pregnant women to enable the patient/provider team to make informed decisions regarding the use of antiretroviral drugs during pregnancy and use of elective cesarean delivery to reduce perinatal HIV transmission. The recommendations are accompanied by discussion of various circumstances that commonly occur in clinical practice and the factors influencing treatment considerations.

Community-Based Tuberculosis Prevention and Care: Why and How To Get Involved

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This report serves as a handbook or primer, for nongovernmental organizations and civil society organizations (CSOs) considering joining the fight against TB. It provides informaton on TB and its prevention, diagnosis, and treatment and how TB programs work, how communities and CSOs can get involved, and on special populations that need extra attention. It includes step-by-step guidance on getting started in addressing TB, pitfalls to avoid, and a list of useful resources.

Guidelines for the Use of Antiretroviral Agents in HIV-1-Infected Adults and Adolescents

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This monograph presents guidelines providing HIV care practitioners with recommendations based on current knowledge of antiretroviral therapy (ART) for HIV- positive adults and adolescents in the United States. Guidelines include baseline evaluation, treatment goals, indications for initiation of ART, choice of initial regimen for ART-naïve patients, drugs or combinations to avoid, management of treatment-experienced patient, management of adverse effects and drug interactions, management of treatment failure, and special ART-related consideration in specific patient populations.


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