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Scale up of HIV-Related Prevention, Diagnosis, Care and Treatment for Infants and Children: A Programming Framework

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This monograph provides a programming framework to assist national health managers and implementing partners in resource-constrained settings that have a high burden of HIV. The monograph gives information about scaling up HIV prevention, and the diagnosis, care, and treatment for children exposed to, or infected with, HIV. The framework emphasizes the importance of early HIV diagnosis, cotrimoxazole preventive treatment for children who are exposed to, or who are infected with, HIV, and timely entry to care and treatment.

Tuberculosis Control Laws and Policies: A Handbook for Public Health and Legal Practitioners

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This monograph provides information for use by tribal, state, and local public health practitioners and their legal counsel to help improve their understanding and use of relevant laws to respond to challenges concerning TB control. Part I of the monograph contains an introduction and table listing resources on communicable disease and TB control methods in selected US jurisdictions. Part II presents a brief overview of some of the essential components of TB control, including a discussion of the international and national threats of the disease and modern public health interventions.

Rapid Assessment Tool for Sexual & Reproductive Health and HIV Linkages: A Generic Guide

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This monograph is a guide for assessing linkages that can be used as needed in regional or national contexts. It covers a broad range of linkages issues such as policy, systems, and services. It is meant to assess HIV and sexual and reproductive health bi-directional linkages at the policy, system, and service-delivery levels. It is intended to identify gaps and thus contribute to the development of country-specific action plans to create and strengthen these linkages.

Male Latex Condom: Specification, Prequalification and Guidelines for Procurement 2010

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This monograph presents purchase specifications and procurement guidelines for male latex condoms to ensure the highest level of safety for high volume purchases to meet the needs of harsh environmental conditions and the probability of less than ideal storage conditions. It describes a systematic process to support the manufacture, prequalification, procurement, and distribution that can meet the needs of different populations.

Menu of Suggested Provisions for State Tuberculosis Prevention and Control Laws

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This monograph is a menu intended as a practical resource for public health officials and their legal counsel in their efforts to eliminate TB. It contains TB-related legal issues, and suggests possible approaches for addressing those issues, and provisions to be considered within the policy and legal frameworks of the jurisdiction contemplating adoption of the suggested provision. Each section of the menu has a brief note describing the purpose of the provisions included in the section.

Glossary of HIV/AIDS-Related Terms

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This glossary is an alphabetical glossary of more than 700 HIV-related terms. It defines words that are commonly used in relation to HIV, its pathogenesis, its associated treatments, and the medical management of related conditions. A list of resources is included.

The Clinical Approach to the STD Patient

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This monograph is a curricular outline for examination of an STD patient. It explains the rationale and general clinical approach including epidemiological and medical goals of an STD intervention, taking a sexual history, risk indicators for STD, chief complaint and history of present illness, past medical and STD history, gynecologic history, HIV risk assessment, social history, clinical management, and patient education.

Guidelines for the Use of Antiretroviral Agents in Pediatric HIV Infection VL1

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This monograph presents guidelines that address issues specific to the use of antiretroviral therapy for HIV-infected infants, children, and prepubertal adolescents. It includes information on the management of adverse events of antiretroviral drugs in children and details on pediatric data related to antiretroviral agents.


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