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Involving Private Practitioners in Tuberculosis Control: Issues, Interventions, and Emerging Policy Framework

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This monograph describes the major characteristics of the private health sector role in TB care and presents efforts to address the issue. The monograph reports the result of a global situation assessment initiated by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1999 to investigate the extent and nature of private involvement in TB care. Twenty-three countries in the six WHO regions were visited as part of the assessment. The assessment confirmed a substantial TB caseload and unsatisfactory management practices among private practitioners.

Working With Men for HIV Prevention and Care

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This monograph provides guidelines for working with men for the prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS. It describes projects that offer various contexts for working with men. Twelve projects were selected because they demonstrated the importance of working with men and represented a diverse range of interventions with men. The projects address the issue of incorporating gender identification among men within programs, encouraging men to engage in healthy dialogues with men about relationships, working in challenging environments, and working with men at high risk for HIV/AIDS.

TB Simulated Patients: A Training and Resource for the Contact Investigation Interview

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This teaching guide, for health professionals, discusses practicing interviewing skills and tasks in a simulated atmosphere via role-playing. It contains seven case scenarios, describing index TB patients who require an interview for contact investigation. The guide provides practical guidance for teaching a new interviewer and for the evaluation and training of an experienced interviewer.

Education and HIV/AIDS : A Window of Hope

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This monograph discusses the importance of education for children and youth as the best method of HIV. The monograph explains the links between education and HIV, and the negative impact of the AIDS epidemic on education, development, and poverty in many of the developing countries. The monograph presents an overview of efforts countries have been taking to educate students; proposes a strategy for action, which includes pursuit of the Education for All (EFA) goals; and outlines the role of the World Bank in assisting with an education-centered fight against AIDS.

HIV Voluntary Counselling and Testing: A Gateway to Prevention

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This monograph presents five case studies of programs in South Africa, Zambia, and Zimbabwe that used voluntary counseling and testing (VCT) to control the spread of HIV. The monograph describes how the programs used VCT to help prevent perinatal HIV transmission, TB, and HIV transmission among adolescents and general populations. It also discusses general VCT approaches and issues related to program development, administration, and evaluation.

Employers' Handbook on HIV/AIDS: A Guide for Action

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This monograph serves as a handbook to guide employers’ organizations and their members in creating programs to deal with the impact of HIV on their companies. The monograph gives basic facts about HIV transmission, prevention, and progress from HIV to AIDS, and regional trends on HIV/AIDS. It discusses whether employers and their organizations should be involved in the fight against HIV/AIDS by examining the effect of HIV/AIDS on the business environment and on individual companies.

Designing HIV/AIDS Intervention Studies: An Operations Research Handbook

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This monograph outlines the process for writing HIV operations research proposals. The monograph discusses how to establish a research thesis, select a research strategy, form a hypothesis, and write intervention descriptions and operational definitions. It also discusses study design. The monograph explains how to create a study sample; how to the collect, calculate and analyze data; how to disseminate and utilize research findings; and what limitations may affect study outcomes.

HIV/AIDS Counselling, Just a Phone Call Away: Four Case Studies of Telephone Hotline/Helpline Projects

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This monograph presents case studies of four HIV/AIDS hotlines: the South African AIDS Helpline; The National AIDS Hotline of Trinidad and Tobago; the Remedios AIDS Foundation Hotline based in Manila, The Philippines; and the nongovernmental organization (NGO) called Talking About Reproductive and Sexual Health Issues (TARSHI) of New Delhi, India. These helplines were chosen on the basis of how well they fit the UNAIDS Best Practices criteria for telephone helplines, how well documented the program had been, the amount of data gathered and how the data were used.

European Framework to Decrease the Burden of TB/HIV

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This monograph presents a framework to guide European countries in developing a national plan for reducing TB/HIV. The monograph explains the links between TB and HIV, and outlines the targets, priorities in Europe, strategic components of the plan, and its key operations. The plan is based on strategies used for TB control and HIV/AIDS care and requires collaboration between programs for prevention and control of TB and HIV/AIDS prevention and control programs.


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