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TB Respiratory Protection Program in Health Care Facilities : Administrator's Guide

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This manual presents information about implementing, maintaining and evaluating respirator protection programs in health care facilities. The manual discusses how to conduct a TB risk assessment for health care facilities, select respirators, and write standard operating procedures. The manual explains why it is necessary to screen all respirator users for TB; how to train employees on respirator use; how to test, fit, and issue respirators to individual users; how to maintain respirators; and how to evaluate a workplace respirator program.

Syphilis Elimination Communication Plan

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This document lays out the communications goal, objectives, target audiences, and key strategies and tactics to support the National Plan to Eliminate Syphilis from the United States. It is based on a review of the literature on syphilis prevention and elimination; media coverage of the syphilis elimination program launch; key informant interviews; and meetings with CDC's communications staff from the National Center for HIV, STD, and TB Prevention (NCHSTP), Office of the Director (OD), Division of STD Prevention (DSTD), and meetings of the DSTD Health Communications Working Group.

Teen Risk-Taking: Promising Prevention Programs and Approaches

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This monograph is a guide to effective problem behavior prevention programs for at-risk youth. The monograph discusses the level and characteristics of adolescent risk-taking today, common elements of successful prevention programs along with an explanation of criteria used to evaluate programs, the challenges facing practitioners trying to replicate promising programs and suggestions for meeting those challenges, and a prevention readiness questionnaire. The monograph presents profiles of 51 prevention programs whose behavioral evaluations demonstrate their effectiveness.

Guidelines for Establishing DOTS-Plus Pilot Projects for the Management of Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis (MDR-TB)

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This monograph presents guidelines developed by the Scientific Panel of the Working Group on Directly Observed Treatment, short-course (DOTS)-Plus for multidrug-resistant TB (MDR-TB). The World Health Organization created the Working Group on DOTS-Plus for MDR-TB in 1999. The guidelines describe criteria and technical standards that must be in place before beginning a DOTS-Plus pilot project to treat MDR-TB patients and provide an international standard for the structure and function of pilot projects.

Leading the Way: USAID Responds to HIV/AIDS

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This monograph discusses the work of the US Agency for International Development (USAID) toward preventing and lessening the impact of HIV/AIDS in the developing world. The monograph begins by presenting data on AIDS and its impact in the developing world. This is followed by the USAID response from the beginning of the epidemic to the present.

TB/HIV: Strategic Framework to Decrease the Burden of TB/HIV

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This monograph provides the technical basis to inform and guide the development of national implementation strategies for joint TB and HIV program activities in delivering the available interventions. The monograph describes the background to the global problem of HIV-related TB, and includes a brief review of global HIV epidemiology, the causes of the main burden of HIV-related disease, the epidemiology of HIV-related TB, and the place of TB in the course of progression of HIV infection.

Together We Can : Leadership in a World of AIDS

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This monograph makes recommendations regarding HIV/AIDS-related policy development worldwide. It emphasizes the importance of good leadership at every level to overcome this epidemic. The monograph reviews the global epidemiology and overall impact of HIV/AIDS. It makes recommendations about how to improve HIV/AIDS care and prevention programs through healthcare and political policies and emphasizes the need to protect human rights and solve, nationally and internationally, the many disparities that fuel this epidemic.


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