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Viral Hepatitis

Urgent Response Needed to Nation's Hepatitis C Epidemic

The Call to Action proposes a set of recommendations to prevent new infections; reduce deaths and adverse health outcomes; address disparities; coordinate action among federal, state, and local agencies and health systems; and ultimately reduce health care costs.

States Must Act Against Viral Hepatitis Now To Eliminate The Ongoing Epidemic By 2030

As the United States heads into its third year in the fight against COVID-19, Americans have seen firsthand the importance of a robust and comprehensive response to public health emergencies and epidemics. The same is true for chronic viral hepatitis, a condition that impacts an estimated 3.3 million Americans. Without comprehensive plans to eliminate viral hepatitis, the US will fall short of reaching the World Health Organization’s (WHO’s) goal of fully eliminating the virus by 2030.

Pharmacists' Role in Viral Hepatitis Elimination

Hear from pharmacists across the country who are providing viral hepatitis care in unique settings. The webinar discusses opportunities and barriers to increasing pharmacist involvement in viral hepatitis care.

Harm Reduction and Syringe Access

The National Harm Reduction Technical Assistance Center (NHRTAC) Training Deck on Harm Reduction and Syringe Access is a customizable PowerPoint slide deck training designed to provide an overview on the foundations of harm reduction philosophy and practice, drug user health issues and trends, and increase cultural competence and humility when working with people who use drugs.

State of Viral Hepatitis During COVID-19

In collaboration with the National Viral Hepatitis Roundtable (NVHR), the Hepatitis Education Project (HEP), NASTAD, Hep B United, Hepatitis B Foundation, and National Association of County Health Officials (NACCHO), HepVu created a factsheet outlining the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on viral hepatitis and the experiences of clinical providers, community-based organizations, and health departments during COVID-19.

2021 United Nations Political Declaration on Ending AIDS: Priorities for the people and communities affected by HIV and viral hepatitis

Millions of people worldwide live with both HIV and viral hepatitis. HIV and viral hepatitis disproportionately affect the same communities with many of the populations at risk from HIV also at risk from hepatitis, including sex workers, migrants, men who have sex with men, people who inject drugs (PWID), and prisoners. We cannot protect these populations against HIV and leave the same people with the burden of viral hepatitis. The ending of HIV as a public health threat cannot be achieved without the elimination of viral hepatitis.


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