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Many Shades of Gay

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Many Shades of Gay was a multimedia campaign that ran from June 2012 to October 2014. It communicated that no matter who you are or how you see yourself, getting an HIV test every six months is an important part of taking care of yourself, your partners and your community, and focused on encouraging gay and bisexual men to have regular HIV screening. The interactive and educational website allowed users to create more than 10,000 personalized avatars, and successfully pioneered using digital social media to prevent HIV and increase testing efforts.

We Are Members of This Community

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We Are Members of This Community was formed to raise awareness of the issues that African American gay population face and to help end homophobia and the violence it spreads through hate. It is a resource for men who have sex with men (MSM) in the prevention and risk reduction of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). It is also a resource for anyone looking for information about sexual orientation, how to educate others about homophobia and bullying. There is also educational information for parents with sons or daughters who identify as gay or lesbian.

Deserve To Know Maine

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Launched in August 2007 by the Maine Center for Disease Control, Deserve to Know Maine (D2K) aims to improve the health and overall well-being of MSMs in Maine by providing the information and resources to stay safe and supportive of others.


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The Get Yourself Tested (gyt) campaign informs young people about STDs, encourages and normalizes testing for STDs, and connects young people to testing centers. provides the facts on STDs, testing, and protection; talking tips to help young people communicate with their partners, parents, and health care providers; and a testing center locator provided by the CDC. The site also makes it easy for individuals and communities to make the campaign their own, offering tips on what you can do, example success stories, and free GYT materials.

Syphilis Rising

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Public Health – Seattle & King County launched a syphilis education campaign focusing on men who have sex with men, the highest risk population. The education campaign aimed to increase awareness about syphilis, promote recognition of symptoms, and encourage testing and prompt treatment. The campaign also highlighted the risks and efficiency of transmission via oral sex. he campaign was featured in media and venues that target gay and bisexual men.
The Times-Herald reported that a coalition of Solano County organizations in northern California is working together to reported that chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis incidence statewide in Alabama was 1.8 times higher than the nat
Healio reported on a study of two different methods for diagnosing Trichomonas vaginalis, a sexually transmitted infecti
Health Canal reported on a global study of the cost-effectiveness and health effects of the human papillomavirus (HPV) v
Anchorage Daily News reported that data recently released by the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services confirm


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