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STD Partner Notification: What About Your Partners?

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This pamphlet provides information about how to talk to a partner after an STD diagnosis. It discusses the need to communicate to partners; how to tell them; how to answer partners' questions; and how to provide further protection to themselves and their partners.

Keep it Simple: Linking Teens to Sexual Health Care, Facilitator's Guide

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This lesson and facilitator’s guide was developed for organizations that care about and work with adolescents, ages 15-19, to support them in making healthy decisions about their lives and their futures, and in reducing teen pregnancy. The lesson addresses four key areas related to contraceptive and reproductive health: 1) adolescents’ right to receive care; 2) the types of services available to them; 3) how services are provided; 4) and where they can go for contraceptive and reproductive health care in their community.

Providing Confidential Reproductive Health Care to Adolescents

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This slide set presents a module that explains why confidentiality is essential to adolescent clinical care. It explores the laws regarding minors’ access to reproductive health services, and describes the ways that mandatory parental involvement laws can affect adolescent health.

Expedited Partner Therapy

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This information sheet discusses expedited partner therapy in Texas, which is the practice of treating sex partners of heterosexual patients diagnosed with chlamydia or gonorrhea without an exam from a health care provider.


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