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Gonorrhea Basics

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Here are the CDC's answers to common questions about gonorrhea. Find more questions and answers in Gonorrhea—CDC Fact Sheet.

  • Anyone who is sexually active can get gonorrhea.
  • Gonorrhea can be cured with the right medication.
  • Untreated gonorrhea can cause serious health problems in both women and men.

Ways to Influence Your Teen’s Sexual Risk Behavior: What Fathers Can Do

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This information sheet is to help guide fathers to influence their teenagers sexual risk behaviors in positive ways. It encourages fathers to monitor and supervise their teen, be involved in their lives, communicate well, and share their values. It also provides a list of resources for additional information and assistance.

Resource Guide for Sex Educators: Basic Resources That Every Sex Educator Needs to Know About

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This annotated guide offers a list of resources for sex educators working with adolescents. The resources include reports on adolescent sexual behavior, statistics, and sexuality education; textbooks; teaching manuals; community organization and advocacy material; evaluation assessment tools; newsletters and issue briefs; journals; videos; sex education curricula; peer education; parent-child communication; materials for special populations; training/continuing education; Web sites; national organizations; and international organizations.

Sexually Transmitted Disease Surveillance 2007 Supplement: Gonococcal Isolate Surveillance Project (GISP) Annual Report 2007

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This report presents data on the Gonococcal Isolate Surveillance Project (GISP), a collaborative project among selected sexually STD clinics and their state/local public health authorities, GISP regional laboratories, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The project monitors trends in antimicrobial susceptibilities of strains of N. gonorrhoeae in the United States to establish a rational basis for selection of gonococcal therapies.

Top Health Issues for LGBT Populations Information & Resource Kit

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This resource kit presents an overview of current health issues among lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) populations. While many challenges exist with regards to the availability of data, this kit aims to create awareness among prevention specialists and healthcare providers of the needs, experiences, and health status of LGBT Americans.


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