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National Internet Partner Services (NIPS) Workgroup Quarterly Calls

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CDC’s Division of STD Prevention, Using Technology to Advance STI Prevention (UTASP) Group, and the National Coalition of STD Directors are partnering to host the National Internet Partner Services (NIPS) Workgroup quarterly calls for technology-based partner services.

Chlamydia and Gonorrhea Testing: More Than Just Genitals

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Are you having oral and/or anal sex? If so, you might need to get an STI test in your throat or butt. It’s quick and easy. This new fact sheet describes who should get tested, why get tested, what to expect, and tips for talking with your provider.

How to talk about STDs - Using STD Videos to Model Communication

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Teaching sexual communication skills is an important component of sex education. Without the ability to communicate about sexual health, young people are not able to make and follow through on healthy decisions and may be put at risk of sexually transmitted infections, including HIV. Classroom settings are limited in their ability to illustrate what healthy communication between partners looks like in real-life situations.

NCSH Quarterly Social Media Campaign Part One: Telehealth for Sexual Health

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This is the 27th NCSH quarterly social media campaign, which includes sample sexual health content that you can use and/or adapt for your digital and social media channels. We hope you will share this campaign with social media staff within your organization. We have formatted this content for Twitter, but it can be adapted for Facebook as well. Our theme for this campaign is telehealth for sexual health. It includes tweets relating to telehealth for sexual health care generally, and telehealth for birth control, HIV prevention and care, and STI care.


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