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Get Healthy and Ready for Summer 2023

This webpage discusses how the warmer months are full of events that celebrate the LGBTQ+ community. Preparing for this season is a great opportunity to make sure that you can stay healthy before, during, and after these celebrations.

STI Awareness Week Website

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The webpage for STI Awareness Week provides opportunities to raise awareness about sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and how they impact lives by reducing STI-related stigma, fear, and discrimination; as well as ensuring people have the tools and knowledge for preventing, testing, and treating.

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This website allows users to text a sexual partner that they might be at risk of an STD. It will ALWAYS be anonymous. Studies have shown that anonymous notification options improve the rate of partner notification, which contributes to the successful detection, diagnosis, and treatment of transmitted infections.

Five Action Steps to Good Sexual Health

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To motivate and equip the public to protect and improve their sexual health, the NCSH created and pre-tested the Five Action Steps to Good Sexual Health, which are:

Take Charge of Your Sexual Health

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This guide informs people of all ages, including teens and older adults, about sexual health. It focuses on the preventive services (screenings, vaccines, and counseling) that can help protect and improve one's sexual health. The guide explains these recommended services and helps find and talk with a health care provider. 

Sexual Health Quick Tips

Developed by the coalition’s Communications Action Group, the Sexual Health Quick Tips provide easy-to-digest information and advice for the public. Using colorful graphics, they can be promoted via social media, including Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

A Guide to Sexual Concerns and Pleasure

This Guide focuses on common sexual concerns that can stand in the way of pleasure. It also provides practical solutions, tips on finding a professional who can help, and scripts for talking with a health care provider or therapist.

AAA PrEP Locator Widget

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Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis is a pill for those at high risk for HIV. Taken daily, it can block HIV.


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