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EHE Plans and Websites

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To achieve the goal of reducing new HIV infections in the United States by 75% by 2025 and 90% by 2030, health departments and community partners are working collaboratively to develop and implement plans to End the HIV Epidemic (EHE). The planning process includes engagement of the community, HIV planning bodies, HIV prevention and care providers, and other partners in aligning resources and activities to develop jurisdictional EHE plans.

Oral Health for People With HIV

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This webpage discusses how good oral health is an important part of managing HIV and your overall health. With the right treatment, your mouth can feel better. That is a big step toward living well with HIV.

What is Harm Reduction?

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This video is part of the NIDA series At the Intersection: Stories of Research, Compassion, and HIV Services for People who Use Drugs.“Harm reduction” is defined as interventions aimed to help people avoid the negative effects of drug use by meeting people where they are with kindness and respect. In this video, viewers hear from people who use drugs, people who are in recovery from drug use, and harm reduction professionals on what harm reduction is (and isn’t) in their own words.

PrEP: Learn About the Highly Effective Drug to Prevent HIV

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This webpage discusses how HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis drugs, otherwise known as PrEP, are powerful weapons against HIV. Through education and raising awareness of HIV exposures, the risks of getting the disease are lower than ever.

Get Healthy and Ready for Summer 2023

This webpage discusses how the warmer months are full of events that celebrate the LGBTQ+ community. Preparing for this season is a great opportunity to make sure that you can stay healthy before, during, and after these celebrations.

TelePrEP Online Learning Series

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This TelePrEP Online Learning Series provides information and resources to health departments, community-based organizations, and community health centers wanting to expand, strengthen, or develop a telePrEP program. 

Позитивное обучение (Positive Learning Toolkit)

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This toolkit aims to address the daily realities of adolescents and young people living with HIV as they are navigating issues, as well as supporting national education sectors to fulfil the needs and rights of all learners living with and are affected by HIV. 

HIV Data Protection Landscape For EHE Jurisdictions

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The map summarizes state laws and regulations that addresses authorities and protections related to the health departments HIV surveillance data release, which is in response to data requests from courts, prosecutors, and law enforcement agencies. It also reflects laws in Priority Jurisdictions included in Phase I of the federal “Ending the HIV Epidemic: Plan for America” (EHE) initiative, which aims to end the HIV epidemic in the United States by 2030.


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