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HIV and Substance Abuse in the United States

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This fact sheet summarizes the link between HIV and substance abuse in the U.S. The report then summarizes the most commonly used substances and HIV risk, as well prevention challenges and how CDC is enhancing its prevention methods.

HIV and Injection Drug Use Syringe Services Programs for HIV Prevention

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This Vital Signs highlights the importance of expanding access to SSPs, which provide sterile needles and syringes and ideally offer many other comprehensive services to help improve the health of PWID and their communities, such as treatment for substance use disorder, HIV, and hepatitis testing and linkage to treatment, and safe disposal of used syringes.

How to Stay Healthy with HIV

This resource provides information on HIV basics for managing the disease. Topics covered include how to get medical care and treatmeant, how to build healthy routines, how to prevent opportunistic infections, and how to stay healthy during international travel.

What to Do After Finding Out You Have HIV

This resource provides information on next steps for HIV treatment. Topics covered include how to find a doctor/provider, when and how to start treatment, how to inform others of a positive diagnosis, and where an individual can seek support.


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