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Positive Impact

Positive Impact's mission is to eliminate the risk of HIV transmission and empower those affected by HIV through culturally competent and inclusive prevention, education, mental health, and substance abuse treatment services. Positive Impact is a nonprofit, community-based organization incorporated in 1992. Its prevention services include HIV testing, STI screening, risk counseling, linkage to care, navigation and support services, and community outreach. It also offers behavioral health care, including mental health counseling, psychiatric services, and outpatient substance abuse treatment. In addition, Positive Impact provides trainings for community partners and clients, housing services, and mental health and prevention case management services.

CDC funds Positive Impact to provide prevention services and two behavioral interventions: CLEAR (Choosing Life: Empowerment! Action! Results!), a one-on-one intensive risk reduction counseling program; and Personalized Cognitive Counseling, an individual-level intervention targeting high-risk individuals.

Positive Impact has a documented history of addressing health disparities, especially among at-risk populations such as the homeless, men who have sex with men (MSM), racial and ethnic minority clients, sexual minority clients, high-risk women of color, and heterosexual minority men. The Georgia State Community Planning Group has identified the greatest-need populations in Georgia to be HIV-positive persons; black, Hispanic, and white MSM; and black heterosexual women. Positive Impact serves all of these core populations and works to minimize and eliminate disparities.

Positive Impact also offers housing assistance, intensive prevention case management, and HIV prevention counseling opportunities. Positive Impact offers all its services in one location for the convenience of clients and has plans to begin implementation of primary HIV care onsite to provide a complete continuum of co-located services for HIV-positive individuals.

The United Way recognized Positive Impact's commitment to cultural competency when it awarded the agency its Valuing Diversity Award in 2006. The agency facilitates an annual 2-day cultural diversity workshop for professionals in the community who service clients affected by HIV in some capacity.

Positive Impact focuses on risk behavior characteristics across a range of populations. The agency learned a significant lesson years ago through its prevention program—the target focus needs to be on the risk associated with HIV transmission and not on a generalized physical or demographic characteristic. In Positive Impact's model, for example, rather than targeting all young MSM of color, it only focuses on those young MSM of color who are engaging in unprotected anal sex or sharing works, thereby alleviating pressure on its limited financial and human resources while achieving a greater reach into the population that needs the risk reduction services.

Positive Impact 60 Eleventh Street NE
Atlanta, GA, 30309 

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