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Migrant Clinicians Network

Doctor examining a patient
MCN's Dr. Ed Zuroweste interviewing a patient. Photo (c)Candace Kugel.

The Migrant Clinicians Network (MCN) is a global organization with more than 10,000 constituents. Its mission is to be a force for health justice. With 20 professional staff members based in 5 offices across the United States, MCN provides a professional home for clinicians serving the mobile poor. Its goal is to improve healthcare for migrants by providing support, technical assistance, and professional development to clinicians in federally qualified health centers and other healthcare delivery sites who provide quality healthcare that increases access and reduces disparities for migrant workers and other mobile underserved populations.

Child in a group with hands lifted up
Farmworker children engaged in an art project for an environmental intervention. Photo by Kate Bero.

One of the most confounding aspects of quality healthcare delivery to migrant workers is providing continuity of care. MCN has been a leader in addressing this concern via Health Network, the premier virtual case management and continuity of care program for migrant workers and other mobile patients. For 18 years, MCN's Health Network has addressed the unique challenge that mobility brings to continuity of care by creating a system that bridges communication among clinicians caring for the same patient, and ensures that patients can identify a source for ongoing healthcare as they move from location to location. Health Network provides:

  • patient assistance in learning the health care system and achieving the best health outcomes,
  • medical records transfer,
  • identification and evaluation of health care and social services,
  • referral,
  • education for patients who move while they are undergoing treatment, follow-up screening, prenatal care, or other health services.


Migrant Clinicians Network

P.O. Box 164285
Austin, TX 78716
(512) 5794501