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Hepatitis B Foundation

The Hepatitis B Foundation (HBF) is the only national nonprofit organization focused on hepatitis B, a serious but often neglected disease. HBF was started in 1991 in Bucks County, PA, in response to a young family affected by hepatitis B that had nowhere to turn for information or support. Since then, HBF has been dedicated to finding a cure and improving the quality of life for the millions of individuals affected by the hepatitis B virus (HBV) in the Philadelphia area, the United States, and around the world.

HBF's commitment includes funding focused research, promoting disease awareness, supporting immunization and treatment initiatives, and serving as the primary source of information for patients and families, the medical and scientific community, and the general public. The HBF outreach program directly reaches more than 20,000 patients, family members, and health care providers in the Philadelphia area and throughout the United States through patient conferences, free newsletters, an online portal, and telephone and e-mail helplines. Its interactive Web site reaches more than 1 million visitors worldwide.

The HBF public health team develops and provides programs to eliminate the health disparities associated with HBV in the United States and China. The HBF advocacy program has helped make great strides for this mostly overlooked and underfunded disease, including drafting and advocating for federal and state viral hepatitis legislation. Scientists at HBF's research institute conduct drug discovery and biomarker discovery research for viral hepatitis, nurture biotechnology, and train future researchers.

Hepatitis B Foundation
3805 Old Easton Road
Doylestown, PA  18902