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Gay Men of African Descent

Two men in GMAD T-shirts giving information to another man
Two GMAD Health Promotion Associates engaging a community member in safer-sex education.

In 1986, the AIDS epidemic began to attack the black gay community with full force. Black gay men were already dealing with continued homophobia and racism, and then came a new epidemic about which they knew very little. Recognizing the need for black gay men in New York City to join together and provide support to each other in fighting the AIDS epidemic, the Reverend Charles Angel, a Pentecostal minister, founded Gay Men of African Descent (GMAD).

The organization's initial activity consisted of a weekly meeting (The Friday Forum) held in various members' apartments. In 1990, with the AIDS epidemic continuing to grow rapidly in the black gay community, GMAD began delivering HIV/AIDS prevention services under a special grant from the U.S. Conference of Mayors and the New York City AIDS Fund. Today, GMAD is one of the nation's oldest and largest black gay organizations.

GMAD is currently located in a Brooklyn neighborhood served by nearly 2 dozen bus and subway lines extending from the northernmost Bronx to the southern tip of Brooklyn and the eastern border of Queens. The organization provides:

  • HIV and STI testing and risk reduction counseling.
  • Individual and group-level interventions.
  • Condom distribution.
  • CDC-approved interventions, including Many Men, Many Voices and Healthy Relationships.

GMAD is currently piloting its own homegrown intervention titled "Brothas Gonna Work it Out".



Gay Men of African Descent

44 Court Street, Suite 1000
Brooklyn, NY 11201