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Florida Department of Health, Bureau of HIV/AIDS

Latinos Partnering to Address HIV/AIDS in Florida

Florida's Latino community is one of the fastest growing ethnic groups in the state, making up 21.5% of the state's population. Of those 18,727 living HIV/AIDS cases among Hispanics through 2010, 30% were U.S. born, 15% Cuban born, 10% Puerto Rican born, 5% Mexican born, 26% were born elsewhere, and the remaining 14% had an unknown country of birth. Among adults (age 13+), 1 in 111 Hispanic men and 1 in 439 Hispanic women were living with HIV/AIDS in 2010, compared to 1 in 201 white men and 1 in 1,121 white women.

Florida Latino AIDS Advisory Group

In 1999, the Florida Department of Health's Bureau of HIV/AIDS made a commitment to redouble their efforts to address HIV/AIDS in Florida's Latino communities. Florida's Latino initiatives are mostly community-driven. The Bureau of HIV/AIDS works very closely with the Florida Latino AIDS Advisory Group (FLAAG). The mission of FLAAG is to develop linkages between minority community leaders, minority community-based organizations (CBOs), and the Florida Department of Health, Bureau of HIV/AIDS by providing advocacy, resources, and strategies to increase the quality of HIV/AIDS services to Latino communities.







Florida Department of Health
Bureau of HIV/AIDS

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