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CureTB provides referrals and continuity-of-care services for tuberculosis (TB) patients and their families when traveling throughout the United States (U.S.), Mexico, and Central America. The program serves as an information conduit between the previous provider, the patient, and the new provider in the patient's destination area. This program's goal is to ensure treatment completion, decrease TB transmission, and prevent the development of drug-resistant TB. The program uses mobile technology to educate patients, guide them to suitable care, and facilitate the exchange of clinical information among healthcare providers who care for persons with TB.

The service is available to any U.S. provider with a TB patient who will be relocating or traveling in the U.S., Mexico, and Central America. The referring provider shares the patient's clinical information and date of departure with the CureTB team. CureTB staff then reach out to the patient for details on where they are going and any additional clinical information.

After receipt of the information, CureTB staff make arrangements with public health staff in the patient's destination city. They also inform the appropriate state and national agencies. After CureTB notifies the public health agencies, the staff member calls the patient with details on the location of his or her new provider and the CureTB toll-free number if they have any problems. The program staff follow up with the new provider at least every 2 months to ensure the patient is still in treatment, and then passes the outcomes back to the referring provider.

The program provides these services to patients, their families, and healthcare providers when a person with TB is referred and participates in the program from any location within the U.S., Mexico, and Central America. CureTB's staff knowledge of the healthcare systems in these areas enables them to support the patient in accessing needed healthcare and ensure that relevant public health agencies are informed.

CureTB services are free of charge, and have served more than 5,000 patients since launching in 1997 within the County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency's Public Health Services TB Control Branch.




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