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Developing Nations

Medical Management of MDR-TB App

This application is based on the 2nd edition of The PIH Guide to the Medical Management of Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis, published in 2014. It includes the most important reference tables and tools from the PIH Guide and is compatible with Android smart phones.

Supporting the National Blood Transfusion Service (NBTS) in the implementation and expansion of Blood Safety activities in th...

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To ensure adequacy and equitable access to cost effective and affordable safe blood and blood products throughout the country, in accordance with the set goals, objectives and targets, CDC intends through this FOA to provide funding support to the Government mandated institution to collect, screen, and distribute blood and blood products to health facilities; with the ultimate goals of reducing child mortality, improving maternal health and combating HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases.

Tuberculosis in Women

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This information sheet discusses the burden and challenges of TB in women. It states that TB is the second leading cause of death from a single infectious agent worldwide.

TB/HIV: HIV-Associated Tuberculosis

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This information sheet discusses the challenges and key issues of the co-infection of TB and HIV. It states that TB is the leading cause of the death among people with HIV.

FY15 - FY16 Department of Defense HIV/AIDS Prevention Program: Military Specific HIV/AIDS Prevention, Care, and Treatment Pro...

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This Naval Health Research Center BAA is intended to solicit existing partners and establish new partners in furtherance of DHAPP and partner military program goals. Proposals should focus on rapidly extending HIV/AIDS services in PEPFAR funded countries and to target specific needs with a practical business plan, using small grass-roots organizations to provide community-based services.


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